A guide to what you’ll find within each of the Teacher Tools

reflections Links to articles which provide teachers with “food for thought” about teaching with the tools we are being provided.    exemplars Examples of the use of the specific tools within the context of the classroom and the curriculum.
outcomes Specific Technology Outcomes met through the use of each tool. extras Related online tutorials, frequently asked question files, additional teacher tips, and other extras.
how to... Online tutorials to assist you in using  the tools.
‘Looking for 2Learn.ca’s original tools, such as graph paper, concept maps, venn diagrams, worksheet and rubric generators, etc? The help you need can be found in Cape Town. Contact us!

You will find these and more under the Our Tools tab on the menu above.


Thanks to our users for sharing 2Learn.ca’s Teacher Tools!  The world responds….

bullet “What an awesome component to the … 2Learn website! Everything from worksheet, rubric, concept mapping, grid paper, web page, and Venn diagram builders (and more) to sites and tools to help with word processing, database, spreadsheets, and multimedia presentations, to the latest educational articles on technology use in schools!” (Our Lady of Victories School, Edmonton, Canada)
bullet “A great site for the busy ICT teacher” (Infolink, Cape Town, South Africa)
bullet “What makes the Teacher Tools website so attractive is that it takes the ICT teacher’s tools, such as word processor, presentation program and so on, and gives you advice on how best to use them to enhance your educational goals for the pupils, as well as technical instruction.  This site shouldbe made compulsory for all those teachers who still believe that an adequate scheme of work for school pupils is something like:  Term 1, word processing, Term 2, spreadsheets and so on.” Computers in Classrooms, U.K. technology newsletter. Luck with pokies australia can all your dreams come true in a short time and couple of clicks!

Let’s do smart things with stupid technology today, rather than wait and do stupid things with smart technology tomorrow.

~Donna J. Baumbach~